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Free Screenshot Tool

It is a powerful application that allows you to quickly take screenshots with one click and customize them with powerful tools and get short links.
You can download the app for free to experience more.

The Most Practical Way to Take Editable Screenshots

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Save as PDF

You may need a PDF file when taking screenshots, meet your needs with PDF support!

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Moveable Drawings

Move, resize or change the drawings you add.

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Get a Shareable Link.

In addition to saving your screenshot to disk, you can also get a link that you can share on the internet and share it with whoever you want.

photoshop icon
PSD Support

After taking screenshots, import your PSD files very simply using this free screenshot tool!

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Use Emoji

You can customize your screenshot with emojis, use emojis to add some flair to your screenshot!

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Google WebP Support

Save your screenshots as WebP with support for Google WebP image format.

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Add Transparency

Add transparency to your drawings. Select the object and scroll the middle mouse wheel.

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Saving on Time

Capture and share screenshots without wasting time thanks to its fast, simple, powerful and convenient interface.

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Language Support

Start using by choosing your own language with multi-language support.

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Add Picture

With this free screen capture tool, you can add the picture you want to your screenshots, crop the picture you added or apply effect filters!

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Ultra Editor

Customize and share your screenshot without any other tools before sharing it!

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Multiple Monitor Support

Check the screens you want to be active on the settings screen and start taking your screenshots.

Screentake Pro Screentake Lite
Get a Shareable Link
File Saving Extension PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, PDF, BMP PNG
Advanced PDF Setting
Advanced Settings
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The Most Practical Tool to Take Screenshots

This tool was designed as a free screenshot tool and it's completely free.
It is an application designed as a Windows and Chrome Extension. You can save screenshots in the most used formats.
With this screenshot tool, you can save screenshots as PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, PDF and BMP.

Customize Screenshot Instantly

This free screenshot tool has powerful editor.
You can make the edits you want in the screenshot very easily.
You can add different shapes such as pencil drawing, triangle, square, circle, heart, star, arrow, and straight line directly to the screenshot.
In addition to these features, it also includes powerful features such as text tool, emoji support, numbered button, and image insertion.
This free screenshot tool supports importing popular image formats. You can directly add PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, BMP, TIFF, SVG and Photoshop (PSD) images on your computer to screenshots.
You can also use blur and pixelate tools if there is something you don't want to appear in the screenshot.


Upload the Screenshot to the Web

This free screenshot tool with a powerful editor doesn't just save your images to your computer.
Uploads the screenshot to the Web and gives you a link and allows you to share it with your friends. Thus, you do not need to send images through other applications and saves you time.